• feature-alive

    Alive Salon

    Organic, sustainable, unique. That is the premise behind being Alive.

  • the-rabbit-hole

    The Rabbit Hole

    A classy yet mischievous little rabbit inviting you to partake in the festivities it has to offer. An identity torn from the pages of fantasy and delivered into reality. A state of being for a restaurant and bar with tones of Alice and Wonderland due to its unique entrance and vibe.

  • Logos-Muse


    Take a little off the top, and then dye it pink. Let's get wild, but in a very stylish manner. I want to set the trends, not follow them.

  • Logos-AnonymousCompliments

    Anonymous Compliment

    Did I just receive a ransom note? "Thank you for all your help and expertise. It will never be forgotten." Nope, I just received an Anonymous Compliment. Someone out there took the time to acknowledge another's compassion and work ethic. Now this is something I could get use to.

  • Logos-Moco


    The paint hits the bricks in fine layers of solid, breathable color. Motion sets in as letters take form, an identity is being tagged, forever etched in time and space, that is until someone decides it is vandalism and paints over it.

  • aspex-logo

    Aspex Solutions Identity

    There is nothing more enjoyable than trying to figure out a brand and how all of its pieces should fit together.

  • Logos-BSCS


    Silently still in a clearing sits a majestic beast. A being encompassing all that science can make of it, from physical elements, to molecules, to chemical interactions, the beast lives and it lives well.

  • feature-think


    What lies outside the line? Are there only two sides to every story? Did Han really shoot first? Think. React. Share.

  • Logos-Vox


    The housing market. The THRILLS! The CHILLS! And the SPILLS! Smart as a Vox. Need we say more?

  • feature-bowl

    The Burrowing Owl

    A neighborhood dive bar with something unique to offer. The first of its kind really.